Speakers FAQ

TES Affiliate Conferences brings together the whole Affiliate Marketing ecosystem. As organizer we’re trying our utmost to offer a place for you to network, learn from each other, to feel good and have lots of fun. Above all there are three important pillars that make TES Affiliate Conferences a success:
The collaboration and support of the community, the sponsors who help financing the event and last but not least the speakers, who share their knowledge with attendees for free.

We’re really happy that you’re interested in holding a talk on a TES Affiliate Conferences stage. As speaker of #TES you will stay remembered for the Affiliate community. It’s a pleasure for us supporting you in this regards.

You can submit your talk for TES Affiliate Conferences using the following link:  https://tesowpsbu.com/speaker/registration/

The selection of your respective topic is entirely up to you for the following 2 reasons:

  •  We are only conference organizers and are not affiliate marketers ourselves, therefore we are lacking the insight which are the hot affiliate topics at different points in time.
  •  You know your strength better than we will ever do.  Also in the end it is you on the stage (and not us) therefore we have total confidence that you will pick the most relevant topic for your audience.

We try to keep the selection process to a minimum since it is not up to us as conference organizers to decide which topics are of relevance to our clients and which are not.

  1.  We discontinued to offer keynotes at our TES Affiliate Conferences for the following 2 reasons: 
  2.  One keynote usually blocks 5 to 6 regular seminar time slots.  And due to space and time limitations we are only able to host 60 seminars in Lisbon-Cascais and 72 seminars in Prague respectively, and the demand of speaking time slots at our TES Affiliate Conferences always exceeds the offer. 
  3.  We are a “hands-on conference”.  We are not the right conference to talk at various hundreds of attendees.  Our attendees prefer smaller, more intimate, workshop-style presentations where a two-way communication is possible and the speaker and the audience can communicate with each other.

No, you will not get a free ticket as a speaker.  But since nearly 100% of our speakers decide to return twice per year to speak at our two respective conferences per year, the ROI of speaking at our TES Affiliate Conferences must be very positive.

TES Affiliate Conferences is a community event and is financed only with sponsorships and ticket sales. For this reason, we generally can’t release any fee for speakers and can’t pay for hotel or travel costs.

No, we do not charge for speaking.

There is no formal deadline for the Call for Papers.  Whenever we have scheduled 60 topics in Lisbon-Cascais and 72 topics in Prague respectively, we will close the speaker application process.

Sure, go ahead! Contact Andreas via andreas@tesowpsbu.com  and let us know how/where you heard about the person and why the person should speak at TES Affiliate Conferences. We will consider your proposal and try to get in contact with the potential speaker.

Yes, if your colleague or client is ready to speak at TES Affiliate Conferences stage, then we are pleased about the proposed topic through our call for papers.

The talks and speakers are selected independently from a sponsoring to guarantee a program with high value. In the Headlining sponsorship package there is a talk included – but the topic and format of the talk have to be previously agreed with us.

Yes, of course. We will evaluate all submissions. In relevance, it’s possible that two session slots will be assigned to one speaker. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

  1.   Whichever presentation format works best for you:  Seminar, Presentation, Workshop, Panel, etc., etc.

You will receive an email from us within 72 hours after submitting our topic via our speaker application page under https://tesowpsbu.com/speaker/registration/

You can see the preliminary program at any point in time under https://tesowpsbu.com/schedule/

  1.   But you can bring in someone to record your session at your own expense.

The sessions will be published in the official conference schedule approximately 72 hours after your topic has been accepted.

You do not have to make your presentation available to the TES Affiliate Conferences team.

There will be a large-sized flatscreen TV available on site.  The TVs connect via HDMI and USB-C. 

In theory there is Wifi Internet access in all the seminar rooms.  But since there can always be a technical issue with the Internet access, please make sure to also have a security copy readily available on your laptop.

Since there are between 5 and 6 tracks running at all times, you can expect some 50 highly pre-filtered, highly motivated, targeted attendees for your presentation.

There are 5 seminar tracks in Lisbon-Cascais, and 6 seminar tracks in Prague.

Your presentation can last anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes.